28 Mar 2019

ARCHITECTS MEET PEOPLE | Milan Design Week 8-11 April 2019

ARCHITECTS  MEET PEOPLE The attendees of Milan Design Week told via a Polaroid camera by the main personalities of architecture   *c/o H2Otto Via Crocefisso 27,  entrance from Via Molino delle Armi Thursday 11 April DjSet Live from 8.00 pm Event promoted by: Ceramica SANT’AGOSTINO| IRSAP Official Partners: BROMPTON | POLAROID      

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20 Mar 2018

@Milan Design Week 16-19 April 2018

Architects Meet People The photos taken with a Polaroid camera by the architecture main characters to the visitors of the Milan Design Week   *c/o H2Otto Via Crocefisso 27,  Access from Via Molino delle Armi 19|04  DjSet Live  from 8.00 pm   event by : Ceramica SANT’AGOSTINO | IRSAP      

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