UrbanDesignInterviews are the conversations with the protagonists of architecture in the Milan design windows, where the public will also be the protagonist. An initiative that will involve over 25 architecture studios and interior designers from Milan that will be distributed among the participating showrooms during the three days of the initiative All conversations will be managed by a journalist, blogger and influencer and will be broadcast LIVE on Instagram, YouTube and the main social media. UrbanDesignInterviste conversations will be an opportunity to get to know and dialogue with the protagonists of architecture and design in a new, unconventional way. An opportunity to get to know the people behind the project, to discover and share their interests, their reflections, their habits and curiosities. The public will also be the protagonist of the initiative and will be able to interact with the professionals involved, ask questions live or send their reflections through social media where Live will be shared in various meetings.


UrbanDesignInterviews will take place in some of the most famous and important Milan design showrooms located between Zona Brera, Via Durini and Isola. On the occasion of UrbanDesignInterviews, five showrooms and over 25 Milan architecture and designer studios will be involved


7.8.9 OCTOBER 2020 from 10.00 to 19.00


UrbanDesignInterviews will be a new relationship and visibility opportunity for showrooms and for design and architecture protagonists. Thanks to UrbanDesignInterviews, showrooms will have the opportunity to dialogue with architects and designers directly within their space. UrbanDesignInterviews will also be an opportunity to get to know and share the reflections, ideas and proposals of the protagonists of Milan’s design on the city, its transformations, changes and opportunities. Post Covid

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